Friday, March 30, 2012

Learn About Adoption by Watching Adoption Videos

Have you felt a call from God to adopt a baby or child? Learn more about all aspects of adoption by watching short videos at

New videos are added all the time, and video topics include birthmothers, home studies, adoption jewelry, Christian books on adoption, how to start your journey to adopting, and more.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Are Adoptive Families 'True' Families?

What does the Bible have to say about adoption? Can an adoptive family ever be like a real family? Is this right in the eyes of God?

These may be some of the questions troubling you as you contemplate Christian adoption. Surprisingly, the Bible has a lot to say about adoption! Let's take a look at God's view of a family unit and His plan for orphans and abandoned children:

Adoption is legal (and Biblical)
Yes, we all know that there are several laws and regulations in most countries that make adoption legal.  But, did you know that adoption existed in Biblical times as a legal option? According to the Word of God, the adopted child enjoyed the privilege of becoming a legitimate heir to the father's estate and was treated as one among the family. The adopted child was treated as someone 'born into' the new family and as someone who has just started a new life!
There are many examples of adoption in the Bible: Esther's adoption by her cousin Mordecai, Moses' adoption by Pharaoh's daughter, and Joseph's acceptance of Jesus as his son. God even adopted the entire tribe of Levi as His own. The Bible indicates that there is no difference in the roles and responsibilities of parents and children, whether the child is biological or adopted. Adoptive families are 'real' families in the eyes of God and in the eyes of law.
The realities of adoption
Children brought into families through adoption are no different legally than a biological child.  However the relationship and similarities that develop are typically nothing short of miraculous.  In my own adoption, my son couldn’t look more different from me – he’s over 6 feet tall, very slender, and quite fair.  Yet the traits we have in common are astonishing – similar personalities, habits, laughs, and even just a spirit of kindness towards “the least of these”.  These traits are even some that I don’t share with many of my biological relatives!  When I look at him, I know deep in my soul that God intended us for each other. 

Spiritual significance of adoption
All believers are children of God and they are heirs through adoption (Rom. 8:15–17, 23; Gal. 4:4–7). This makes each of us a part of God's adoptive family. God uses adoption as a beautiful metaphor to describe His relationship with those who believe in Him and His resurrection. This gives us the privilege of calling Him "Abba", which is Aramaic for Daddy and is a Jewish expression of closeness of children with their fathers. In other words, a Christian's identity is this: I am adopted by God (Eph 1:5). As believers we enjoy the rights, privileges, inheritance of biological children. This is by the law of grace.
The same grace is now available to adoptive families. Every child is a blessing from God (Ps. 128:3) and Christian adoption enables you to build a home with God's Word as the foundation. Any family that is built on God's Word will stand the test of time and will be used to extend His Kingdom, whether biological or adoptive!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Christian Adoption Webinar Monday, March 19

Have you attended a Lifetime Adoption Webinar yet? Lifetime Adoption Center is a nationwide adoption center which assists hundreds of Christian adoptive couples adopt yearly. Their most widely attended webinars are the open Question and Answer Webinars where the featured guest is YOU! You'll benefit from the answers to your own questions, in addition to learning from the topics other future adoptive parents propose. Join in LIVE for your opportunity to participate in Lifetime's most popular resource for families thinking about adopting.

Join in Monday evening, March 19th at:
5pm Pacific Time
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8pm Eastern Time

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Adoption Is a Step of Faith

Christian Adoption Online has assisted many Christian families pursue their dreams of adoption and we would love to help you adopt a baby as well!

Christian Adoption Online speaks to numerous women every day who are seeking to place their baby or child for adoption. These women are seeking to place their baby with Christian families like yours! 

Everyone has goals, whether they know it or not. They have goals to save for the future or to travel, buy a home, a new automobile, or to buy items they need and require to make our lives more enjoyable. And most of us want to start a family and as Christians, having children to share our faith with is the most important thing of all.

Adoption is a step of faith. As Christians face hurdles in life, they start to truly understand God’s love for them. Most people thinking about becoming adoptive parents face challenges in the coursework of the adoption system that can only be overcome through a powerful belief in their faith in God.

Get started on your journey to fulfilling your dreams of adopting a baby by reading about our adoption services. You may also request that information about our program be sent to you for free. The first step to building your family is to fill out our free application to adopt. It is available online, via a secure connection so your information is safe.

Christian couples interested in adopting can schedule a free, one-on-one adoption consultation. During this adoption consultation, couples can ask questions about how to adopt a baby domestically. We will also discuss what you are looking for in a Christian adoption. Please call our office at (530) 432-7373 to schedule your call, or you may Skype with us at the screen name “lifetimefamilysupport”.