Friday, April 27, 2012

Christian Adoptive Families Needed for These Babies

Lifetime Christian Adoption is currently seeking adoptive families for the following babies:

We’re currently in need of an African American married couple to adopt an African American baby boy due in August. His birthmother is open to placing with an African American couple who already have children. She states no drug or cigarette use during her pregnancy. After placement, she would like to receive updates on her child through letters and photos.

Another birthmother is expecting a baby in December; the baby will be of mixed Hispanic and East Indian ethnicity. The birthmother is interested in placing her baby with a married couple who are strong Christians. A couple who have some Hispanic heritage would be ideal. She is open to placing with a couple who already have children.

Finally, we’re seeking an adoptive family for a baby boy due in July who will be of mixed Caucasian, Middle Eastern, and Asian ethnicity. His birthmother would feel most comfortable placing her baby boy with an adoptive family who are multiracial. She is open to placing with an adoptive family who already have children. She states no drug, cigarette, or alcohol use during her pregnancy. She will need financial assistance with some pregnancy-related medical expenses.

At Lifetime Christian Adoption, families are presented to ALL birthmothers who are a match — so you would never be limited to being presented to only one birthmother at a time. Your FIRST STEP to being presented to birthmothers nationwide is to complete your FREE online application. The application is your FIRST STEP to being presented to birthmothers nationwide! Please feel free re-post these adoption opportunities anywhere you can.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Learn About Domestic, Infant Adoption Through This FREE Adoption Webinar

It's important for Christians who feel called to adopt a baby to conduct adoption research first. Do you need clarity, tips, or answers before you feel ready to take the next step in your adoption path? On Monday, April 23, 2012, Lifetime Adoption will be holding a free adoption webinar for you to learn what you need to take your dream to the next level. Throughout the country, parents thinking about adopting look forward to the resources and answers Lifetime provides to those attending our LIVE webinar conference calls.

Here are the top 3 reasons YOU should attend Lifetime’s next adoption webinar:

1) You are not alone in your journey! You will be part of an online community of families like YOU, thinking about adoption, or taking steps toward building their family through adoption.

2) You’ll learn something that will save you time, money, or emotion through the process of building your family. Become as informed as possible to avoid mistakes or set-backs.

3) You attend FREE! Lifetime makes it easy to learn more about adoption, and to discover if Lifetime is the right program for your family’s needs.

Join us LIVE this Monday for a free webinar on Christian adoption! For anyone thinking about building a family through adoption, Lifetime Christian Adoption’s Webinar will feature questions from families in all stages of exploring or pursuing adoption.

Monday evening you will be able to ask your questions and discover answers that will help you decide the next best step toward building your family. Please join us LIVE for your opportunity to participate in Lifetime’s most popular resource for families thinking about adopting.
Meet with us Monday, April 23rd at:
5pm Pacific Time
6pm Mountain Time
7pm Central Time
8pm Eastern Time
REGISTER NOW to reserve your place at Lifetime’s Q&A on Monday evening. When you register you’ll receive an email with the link or phone number you’ll need to join us live.

We’re looking forward to your questions!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blessed by Adoption - Read One Adoptive Family's Story of Christian Adoption

My adoption center, Lifetime Adoption, facilitates hundreds of Christian adoptions each year. It's such a blessing when I receive letters from adoptive couples after their infant adoption. Here is a recent letter I received from Christian adoptive parents Todd and Ann Marie:

"We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude as we hold and love on our new sweet baby boy, Noah.  As you know, our wait was a long one and included a difficult situation in which the birthmother decided to parent after three weeks.  But throughout it all, we felt so encouraged and supported by all of you.  Just when we would reach points of feeling like maybe this was not God’s plan for us, you would call us the very next day with a situation or news that always brought us hope.  The Lord used you to keep us going and not give up hope.  Now, every minute of the wait was worth it for this beautiful baby of ours!

Ann Marie was so blessed to be able to support our birthmother through her labor and delivery and witness the birth of our son.  We especially enjoyed our visit to see all of you at Lifetime!  How great to be able to meet in person the people who work so hard to make our dreams a reality – and to give you all hugs!  Thank you for your hospitality and for the many ways you helped us feel special, and not like “just another family.”

May the Lord continue to bless all that you do for birthmothers, adoptive families, and those precious children!

Todd & Ann Marie"

Learn how you can adopt a baby or child, like Todd and Ann Marie did, by visiting Or, call Lifetime Christian Adoption at (530) 432-7373 and receive same-day answers to your questions about infant adoption. Lifetime works with many birthmothers seeking a Christian, Protestant adoptive family for their baby or child!