Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two little letters spell big doubt

How often do you say “if” when it comes to your family's future? Comments such as “If this happens…” creep into everyday wording and can start to make it seem as IF those dreams won't come true, or as IF the prayers will go unanswered.

Does this sound familiar? Do you catch yourself saying things like “if I get to be a mom...” or “if God blesses me…”? Does it ever feel like a knot in your heart, a nagging doubt that your prayers are heard and good things are coming?

The subtle doubt we allow through our words will change our attitudes while we wait. God asks us to wait expectantly, as Philippians 1:20 begins "I eagerly expect and hope..." Use your language to reflect the faith you have in God's ability, willingness, and PLANS to give you your heart’s desire. Show your confidence that He is already moving you in the direction toward the child you long to adopt.

When you catch your if-statements, try purposely changing your "ifs" to "WHEN." Let your “ifs” become “when” as you move closer to your dream of parenthood. In most cases, a decision to adopt removes the question of IF you will grow your family, and becomes a matter of WHEN. Make this the season you say “WHEN I adopt…”

Take a step today to reflect confidence in God's lead for your future family. Give thanks for the blessings He's already prepared in answer to your prayers.