Thursday, August 2, 2012

The need for Christians to adopt

"...Now I will keep My promise
and do what I planned." ~Isaiah 46:10

Through out the US Christians are increasing awareness about the need for "orphan care" ministries to serve struggling parents and children throughout the world. While many adoptive parents may have chosen to adopt after a desire to build a family biologically led them to adoption, other families may simply feel the "call" to grow their family through adoption. If you have felt God nudging you to adopt, take a step and explore the possibilities of how you could be blessed, and also become a blessing.

Whatever path you follow, if you're answering God's call to adopt, you'll be guided in the direction toward the child He has in mind for your family. If a desire to adopt is on your heart, the first step is to decide what kind of adoption you will pursue.

There is a need for parents to adopt in all avenues of adoption, from international adoption, to foster care, to adoption within the US. It's more common for Christians to understand the need for international adoption. Impoverished countries have orphanages full of children in need of loving homes and safety. Foster care is also an easily understood need, as children wait for security and parents to provide. However, a less understood need is the blessing Christian parents could be through an open adoption within the US.

There is a need for Christians to adopt within the US through open adoption. Through open adoption you will not only be blessed by the adoption of a baby or child you've been praying to meet, but you can be a blessing for a pregnant woman or birth family, struggling to provide for her child. Consider these points:
  • Even if a birth parent does not herself identify as a Christian, she often seeks adoptive parents who offer Christian values and a foundation in faith.
  • In the US a pregnant woman has options to consider. Open adoption allows her to give her baby a life she may be unable to provide at this time, and work toward a brighter future and stability for herself.
  • Open adoption allows answers to questions about a child's history and health background, which will enable you to provide for his or her physical and emotional needs growing up.
  • The potential for God's reach through open adoption is limitless. As you create a relationship with your child's birth mother, or birth family, through open adoption, you may find that your life as a Christian inspires new choices, and the beginning or renewal of their salvation in Christ.
Each path to adoption offers blessing and answer to prayer. If you're thinking about adoption, or if you want to know how you could help increase adoption awareness among your Christian community, ask questions, collect resources, and start exploring God's plan for your hand in adoption.
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