Monday, August 13, 2012

When the wait makes you wonder about your worth

"Of all the people on earth, the LORD your God has chosen YOU to be His own special treasure...
You will be blessed..."
~Deuteronomy 7:6, 14 NLT

While we wait, whether for an answer to prayer, a decision, or a response from another, we can become vulnerable to doubt, worry, and anxiety. During times of waiting, there is potential for growth, but also room for questions that could weaken the spirit or trouble a positive mindset.

For many families waiting to be chosen for an opportunity to adopt, the wait can lead even the most confident hearts to ask "Is there something about me that is keeping me from the adoption I'm praying for?"

When the wait leads you to wonder and question God's plan for you through adoption, seek His truths. You are "His own special TREASURE." As you wait, focus on the amazing things you have to offer as future adoptive parents. You will be blessed, but more importantly you'll BE a blessing for a child, for your future child's birth family.

When you're tempted to think "I won't be chosen," reflect on the fact you already are. Not only has God valued you as His own, but He is already in progress leading you and your child together. God already sees the birth parent who will choose you, and the child you'll be chosen to meet.

Along your adoption wait you'll have the chance to grow stronger through God's confidence and worth in you. 

Will you allow God to lift you up and prepare you to become the parents He already sees in you?

*We'd love to know what promises or truths in God's word lift you up when you doubt His plans for your good future. Please share and encourage each other!

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