Monday, August 27, 2012

Your future, His priority!

Isn't it amazing how often God uses His word to remind us we are precious to Him and already on His to-do list? Every moment He is working to tend to our needs, but also to our hearts' desires. If you're waiting to become a parent, or if you're waiting on God's next step in your adoption plans, it can become easy to feel as though your longing for a child isn't a priority to God. TAKE HEART! You and your future matter to God in ways unimaginable through our complicated human perspectives.

Be blessed today as God works ACTIVELY behind the scenes of your life, bringing you closer, each moment, to the next milestone in His good plans for you. Focus on His truths in Matthew 6; remind yourself of the proof in God's promises to provide for your every need and sincerest desires.

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